I have felt very low since yesterday.What with the rain and gales which were lashing my newly planted bedding plants,then there were these awfull happenings in Glasgow and London. Then this morning I got three emails,which were, shall we say not that friendly.Warning me that I will not be forgiven for not supporting Islam.This is not the first time I have had such “friendly”emails,and am not unduely worried.Because I say what has to be said,this ruffles some feathers and that is fine.

.Am not a practising Muslim. And before anyone asks cynically,as to what that means.Let me say that it means that I was born in a Muslim family,am married to a muslim man,but I was encouraged from a very early age,by my western educated father to question everything. So here Iam, a westrnised and liberal woman.And yes I have brought up my children to question everything,readabout every religion and believe in what they want to.They went to a Methodist school,have read an English translation of the Quran,and were given the freedom to choose which faith they wanted to follow,or not follow as the emphasis was on being a decent human being.And as far as my children go I have succeded,as for myself,it is for others to judge.

However much we argue about the virtues of Islam,the sad reality is that people ,some of the followers of that faith aredoing the unthinkable. Trying to kill women and children,and cause mayhem and disruption in the country we live in.So it is no use trying to convince people,by telling them how peacefull the religion is.

But how about creating as much noise against these attrocities,as has been created when Salman Rushdie was granted a knighthood,or when the Danish cartoons were published? Where is the Muslim Council of Britain,and Lord Ahmed who was touring the television studios,complaining about the knighthood?

Where are the placards and the effigies? That is the way to convince the majority that you have nothing to do with these thugs. That they will not get any support from your community.I dont believe that noone is ever aware of the activities of these thugs,while they collect gallons of petrol,gas cannisters and such like.Why has no one alerted the police? When the Mullahs preach hatered in mosques why does no one complains to the security services?It is not difficult to phone and leave a message ,or ask to remain annonymous.

I agree that terrible things have happened in Iraq,Afghanistan and other places.But we are where we are.Should the blood shed be continued in their name? There are other ways of showing that you care.You can fund raise,you can become a volunteer. I have heard of many White British youngsters who have been helping in Palestine.I cried for one of the young student ,a 21, year old who wanted tobecome a photo journalist,and  who was shot by the Israeli troops,when he was trying to take Palestinian children out of harms way.His parents fought a long battle to get the Israeli Army to accept that he was shot,although he was not combative or a threat to their security.  Our son when he was an undergraduate,went though the Amnesty International to Berut in his summer holidays,to teach maths and English in a primary school.

But the likes of Siddique Khan decide to blow themselves and several others in his wisdom.How has that benefited the Palestinins? The death toll keep srising.Thousands of Palestinians have blown themselves up in the last thirty years or so.What has been achieved?Apart from mothers left heart broken and families destroyed?

I think rather than trying to convince people of the virtues of Islam,what is needed is that all the Muslims come out shouting and screaming that there should be nomore blood shed in their name. They should isolate these terrorists.

So am afraid however many threatening  emails I get,am not going to accept that the way to protest against any injustice is through more bloodshed. There is no logic in that notion.

So the choice for the British Muslims is to march and protest as strongly against these criminals as they did during the Rushdie affairs. And show the world that they dont want mindless bloodshed in their name.

Two wrongs have never made one right.

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