Making progress

I said this afternoon that I dont think I will stick around on this blog.I have had many emails and comments on my page by lots of you asking me to stay.Thank you am touched and flattered.


My reason for not wanting to be a part of this blog were not personal. No one has been rude to me or said anything objectionable.But last night while reading some comments to other bloggers was staggering.

Some  were so scathing and personal to others that I was dumbfounded. I just thought that if someone talks to me like that will I be able to stomach it?And I felt that I wont be able to.

I have made it very clear from the start that I only have very basic knowledge of religion.Am not  a practicing Muslim,and I dont think that people should be categorised by their religion.Hence I can never argue effectively about any faith. Nor do I believe that anyone has the right to claim that their belief is better than anyone else`s.

The raging debates on Islam on this site and elsewhere seem to go only one or two way.Muslims say theirs is a peacefull religion,they dont believe in voilence.And others argue otherwise.And then there are quotes and counter quotes from holy books.Tempers fray and the it decends in a slanging match.

I would argue that am sure Islam is a peacefull religion.From my little knowledge of religions ,I assume there is no religion which tell syou to kill and maim others.Religions and prophets came at the time when the world was new,humans were not civilised,they needed a code of practice to be civil to their own species.Religions told them to do this. From Love thy neighbour or the Ten Commandments,or the Quran, it is a code for living.

But however we preach the peacefull nature of Islam,the fact remains that all the attacks so far on this country have been carried out by Muslims.Yes the West invaded Iraq, but more than a million British people marched to protest against the war. Then why are they being attacked? The Prime Minister who took us to the war has gone. Is there any benefit in carrying on the feud and trying to kill innocent people?

I have always maintained that multiculturism has led to racism. From changing the name of Christmas,to the positive discrimination in recuritment in police force,the indignious population has been left bewildered as the various commissions and looney councils have tried to enforce multi culturism. Institutions were branded “institutionally racist”.Noone could utter a word against this without being branded racist themselves.          This is what I have said elsewhere,before.

Now I feel there is a need to acknowledge that there is voilence being inflicted in the world in general and in our country in particular by the rogue elements of this religion. They should be isolated,and that can only be done if we as a community acknowledge that this should stop.And this cant happen untill we stop being defensive and hurling abuse at anyone who points this out.

I have been writing this,and mostly my readers have been young peopl,who have agreed and debated it in a constructive manner.My aim to blog on MT was to spread this message.Hopiing that here I will meet a mature and knowledgable audience. To my horror this site is becoming a battle ground.Where people start shouting and hurling insults before even considering what is being said.

Unless and untill we listen to each other,acknowledge our own short comings,we will not progress towards a peacefull future. What a pity.

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