Making changes

The world outside this blogsphere is also at loggerheads with the issue of terrorrism and Islam. We have had the conviction of the four failled bombers of July the 21st. Which brought back the memories of those home grown terrorists who killed 52 people on 7th of July.And then we had the young men,trusted members of our society, doctors who were working in the NHS, who tried to kill innocent men and women. No wonder the emotions are runing high on all sides.

You try discussing this issue and it only goes one or two ways. Those Muslims who bother to debate , keep sayig untill they are blue in the face that,theirs is a peacefull religion. And the others who are weary of the voilence and fearfull of thier safety ,scream that this is un-true. There are various interpertations of the holy book,and one can always be found,which justifies voilence. And then there is the old chesnut; the foriegn policy. Nothing sends a discussion in a tail spin quicker than the argument about the Iraq war. Never mind the fact that in the last two years more Muslims have been killed by people of the same faith.It is no comfort to anyone to have such fractured debates.

But it is not just the lack of dailogue which has produced this impasse. The goverment had no idea who was coming in or going out of the country. I remember about two years ago when the organisation Migrawatch claimed that the Home office couldnt provide them with figures as to how many people have entered the country. Those hooked hand clerics who radicalised young Muslims. The preachers of hate,who openly said that killing infideles will provide them a place in paradise. Young men whose parents came to work in the mills and other jobs which needed doing.They settled in areas ,with others from their own community.They were fearfull of this liberal society,asociety they have done nothing to assimilate into. They were fearfull for their children. And these young people grew up with divided loyalties,never quite knowingwhere they belonged.Un-certain minds which can be radicalised.

There are organisations like the Hizb-ur-Tahrir and Al- Mujahroon.They are known to have been preachers of hate. They have been allowed to invite preachers from anywhere i the world. The human rights legislation and the political correctness has meant that their suitability couldnot be assessed. No one knew  what was preached in the mosques.

As a result we have had many young muslims radicalised and taught voilence. In the background of the atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is time now for the government to secure our borders.For Muslims to show loyalty to the country they live in. This is a liberal western democracy.If we want to live here we have to accept its liberal values. It is nice to feel the pain of other muslims in other parts of the world, but what about our fellow citizens? The only way muslims can prove that they are on the side of the justice,is by supporting the law and order, and being concerned about the security of their homeland.

And may be it is time there was one unitary  authority for muslims ,which spoke for all of them Which provided ONE interpertation of the holy book,and then only can we categorically say the Islam is a religion of Peace.

Bickering, and not doing anything is a luxury the muslims in this country cant afford. Not in the present climate.


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