A must have male?

An article in todays Telegraph and the blog asking who would you like to marry got me thinking that is it true that we women want Alpha males but we want them born that way? We dont want them to have plastic surgery or other stuff to help them in becoming one. I must admit looking at the before and after picture of General Sir Mike Jackson, was somehow dissappointing. He is a war Hero and a Knight of the Realm. Those are attributes eough for him to be an Alpha male are they not? Why then did he have surgery to have his under eye bags removed?  What do all of you feel, mind this is not a question purely for women, how do the men feel about having things done to them to look good. Do men have these procedures to please themselves or please othe r women I wonder.

I hear there is a growing trend now a days for middle aged men to resort to lipo-suction to reduce what is known as the “menopaunch”! In this article Faye Weldon argues that the attitudes of women have changed. Before women wanted men to be a meal ticket , and thus they kept themselves in tip-top condition , least the “provider”should stray! But now she says women dont need men, well not as much as they did say in my parents generation. Women earn more, are highly achieving and can have babies by other methods. So now the onus is on the men to make themselves desireable.

But, she says,(and this is a big but) women are not keen on this practice, they say that men having cosmetic surgery is something they find disturbing, it feels like cheating to them.They want their men to be born that way. It seems the man who tries too hard to please,doesnt please at all. Like it is said those men who stay home and look after the children lose sex appeal! Men who preen and nip and tuck lose their pulling power somewhat!

I have always maintained that women use make up and groom themselves to please themselves. Of course we do. But it is nice to turn heads, So why should the men not have the same previllage?

Though I must admit I dont like men with shaved chest, and though I dont know any men who have had cosmetic surgery or who use mascara and such like, I dont think I would like that either. But why not? As Faye Weldon says” the gap between men and women has narrowed so much over the decades that the sexes are intrinsically the same “. But it has happened rather rapidly and we all are a bit shell-shocked.

Well it is the mens turn now to suffer in the name of looking good. And if it is painfull to have their

chest waxed,then they probably will understand what women have gone through for centuries.

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