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What did You…?

It has been a wet and miserable weekend.All the normal weekend pursuits, like gardening, walking ,going round the shops, going for a spot of lunch in an outdoor cafe; have been suspended. So what did ALL of you do? Do tell.

To start you off, we had a quite lunch indoors, we normally go for lunch to a nice italian resturant,where you can sit in their garden, and have a leisurely lunch with a bottle of their fine wine.But this saturday was a simple affair. Then after reading the papers and unable to do anything adventurous, I used my new hand held steam cleaner and cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. Then some chats with friends on the phone., and read a bit.

In the evening I watched enough television to last me a week. Two movies, one was an excellent Palestinian film called “Private”, a low budget but amazingly powerfull film on BBC4. The story of a family who have to give the upstairs of their house to Israeli soldiers, as they mount aterrorist watch. The family of eight moves into the downstairs room, suspending their normal family life.

 The frustrations, anger and humilation of the family is in contrast to the father who insists that the soldiers are just doing their job, and need support.. The young members (a girl and a boy) try to plant explosives etc; but in the end when the soldiers leave, a sense prevails that the only way to peace is working together to defeat the terrorists. That way lies the future. Amazing acting and atmosphere. Throughly enjoyed it.

Then watched the film ” Insomnia” on the BBC till midnight. Havent seen it before.

Today it is a bit drier,so am hoping to get out and rescue and tidy my rain and wind beaten plants, do some washing and go back to my book. Dont think the weather is reliable enough to go for a walk yet. Might go to the gym later.

So how did your “Summer” weekend go?

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