The numbers Game

The daily Telegraph has reported today that though there has been a huge rise in the numbers of migrant workers, the new Home Secretary is not able to provide a sepcefic figure for its scale.

But a rough estimates is that in the last four years two million immigrants have been given National Insurance numbers.

This week the Panorama programme showed that Slough Council is facing a huge deficit , as there are no official numbers for the new comers, the Government is not giving them the monies to cope with the increased number of people they have to cope with.

As a result all the services in that area are hit. From rubbish collection to doctors surgries,they cant keep up with the increasing population. The same goes for the schools. There is great pressure to teach children the basic English, as none of them have it as their first language.

But you may wonder as why it bothers me? When there are other people who speak out on this issue. There are quite a few bloggers on this site who are very angry about the influx of immigrants, and do say so. I know I have listened to them on my blog. They are right. But I have a bigger reason to be concerned. I am part of that generation of immigrants who have enjoyed the welcome and hospitability of the British people.There are thousands like me who have been on the recieving end of the tolerence and fairmindedness in this country..

But I feel that the British people have become a victim of their  own good nature. Firstly the nasty elements of a religion have poisned the minds of some of those who have made this country their home.Then there has been a long history of the thought police. Looney pronouncement , positive discriminations and concessions, which were niether required nor demanded by the immigrants. But since there were Quangoes and commissions to impose them. That is what they did. Anyone who protested was branded racist.And hence began a chain of resentment,no wonder the British people felt that they were being marginalised in their own homeland,

To top this now for the last ten years, we have had un-controlled influx of migrants. Firgovernment came to power they abolished the restrictions on inviting relatives in this country,fake marriages as well as more people went abroad to marry their children and bring their spouses. Swelling the numbers.

Since then we have had large number of immigrants from Somalia, Poland, and Romania. No wonder the island is looking saturated with so many aliens.

So as a result the legendry tolerence of the British people is wearing thin. There is more hostility and anger because they cant say it is the case. They are labelled xenophobic.

I feel that it is the duty of people like me to speak up and tell the truth.without feeling victimised,so we can have an open debate. Unless and untill people like me acknowledge the problem how can we look for a solution?

I dont want to, after I have had such good relationship with my countrymen,want to be treated like an un -wanted immigrant. An immigrant I might have been once, un-wanted or friendless I was not. And I dont want to start now.


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