Would you believe her?

I have just been watching an interview,on theSky news channel with the widow of the 7/7 bomber `Siddique Khan, Hasina Patel. The interviewer explained that though Hasina doesnt wear a veil, but she is wearing one now to protect her identity. Clad in a black full length robe and veil, you could not hear her at times very clearly. Only her eyes were visible ,which only filled up when she talked of her own arrest, and her struggle to say good bye to her daughter.

She said she had no idea who her husbands friends were.The interviewer was a bit taken aback by this. But Hasina explained that they were devout Muslims and are not allowed to meet or socialise with members of the opposite sex who are not directly related to them.That is right, women mostly are incharge of providing food and all functions and meetings are seggregated, but I could`t help wondering that as husband and wife could they have not discussed their political affiliations? She complained that he was too busy outside of their family life and never discussed what he did when he was notworking in his job.

It seems the day before leaving to carry out his grim task,he has taken her to the hospital as she was having a miscarriage. he took her to the hospital, had her chcked up and brought her back home,said good bye and told her he will be home in few hours. She said she never saw him again, and next day when she started to bleed again she asked her mother to accompany her to the hospital. When she returned home after having lost her second child , she saw the news of the London bombing.

One can only imagine what her life must have been after that event. She was extensively questioned and interrogated by the special branch and then released. But she must have had a huge burden to carry, to be labelled as the wife of a mass killer,who has betrayed his own country and people.

She said she was just getting the lives together of herself and her daughter,when she was arrested again, last month. Because a will and testement of her husband Siddique Khan was found.In which he has left some money for her, a small sum of four hundred pounds. Not exaactly a fortune. And letters addressed to her, his parents and their daughter. In his letter to Hasina he begs her forgiveness for “decieving her”of his motives.And says he never told her that he was training to be a terrorist. He goes on say that he wished he would have been able to spend more time with his daughter.

What puzzled me was the fact the his will and testement has exonerated her of any blame, by begging her forgivenss and admitting to decieve her. Then why did they arrest her? It just didnt  make sense. Of course we will never know what the secret services know and rightly so, but arresting her after nearly two years after the event , and after he has made it clear that she was kept in the dark,just doent make any sense.

Am sorry for her as a woman, in Asian culture (they are from Pakistan) widows dont have a good life and are

seldom encouraged to re-marry. But his woman and her daughter have a double whammy.They will always be associated with a mass killer and a traitor. Do they deserve our sympathy?

Part of me thinks that there must be more to it than we know for the secret services to arrest her again, and then I wonder that if she was guilty then MI5 would have not given her permission to be interviewed on national television?

So what does everyone thinks, does she deserves some sympathy ,or the lives of these two women should be shunned by all of us for the rest of their lives.




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