I have just been watching Mrs Lawrence , the wife of the murdered head teacher speak on the news.

When asked if she will forgive the killer of her husband, she said that she didnt know what forgiveness meant. The interviewer kept saying that this was a grave statement , in other words he meant that this might tarnish the image, he was trying to build. Mrs Lawrence was quite clear in what she said and I for one respect her for it.

The mother of one of the July 7th bombing victim Rev; Nicholson,is another person who has maintained that she will never forgive those who carried out the atrocity. She said this evening that she was angry, and will remain so for the senless killing of her daughter. She said that we all should be angry.Religionns and scriptures ask you to forgive,but can every one follow the advise? Rev;Nicholson said that she was living her life to the full, doing her job and sharing other peoples pain.But she was very angry , and was not afraid to say so. I admire her honesty. Is it not true that when we declare that we have forgiven, it shows us in noble light. Are we not doing this for our sake. Does it take away all the anger and the desire for revenge from a mere mortal that we are. I dont know .

What is forgiveness? As someone said that such words as “moving on” mean nothing. The pain of losing a loved one never goes away,especially if it is un-timely and in circumstances such as a terrorist attack. So does it matter if you dont declare that you have forgiven? Do the people who do so are better people? And is it wrong that the Reverend and Mrs Lawrence cant conform to this and are honest about their feelings.

Or is it necessory to declare and thus feel better?



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