Diluting the culture

Last night on news night the leader of the Conservative party was quite open in saying that they will give priority to controlling immigration. At last the politicians are saying what they thought was not politically correct to say. Controlled and managed immigration makes for better race relations. Rather than telling people what they can and cannot say. I very much agree withthe notion that , un-controlled and mass immigration put s extra burden on vital public services. Some schools struggle when they are faced with lots of new comers whose first language is not English, and extra resources have to be found to cope with this.

But someone wrote that immigration is diluting “our culture,” something that puzzled me. Culture is defined as lifestyle, customs, mores, and the way of life. Which changes and adapts to the society  and times. Britain is a secular country, where people are free to choose the way they want to live, eat, work and play. They are free to marry or live together and they make these choices to suit themselves. What they are influenced by is their needs and the circumstances.

England has adopted to change in every sphere of its life. The Royal family changed since Diana, who touched and befriended the ordinary person, something, which the monarchy has never done. But  they had to adapt to being more people friendly after her death. The culture of clothes, make up and hairstyle takes its cue from the Parisian and Italian trends and changes every season. Food is different now because people have learnt to enjoy variety and the health benefits a varied cuisine offers.

Language too evolves and sometimes for the better, but this again is done because the people want to do it.

Countries like India historically have been ruled by various civilisations for hundreds of years. From the Moghals to the British. It adopted the best of the  ruling “cultures” which  were once the part of that country, but has remained what it always was.
I accept that there are a very high number of mixed marriages in this country, but this should be a good thing shouldn’t it? My own children’s partners, future spouses are from the Jewish and the Roman Catholic faiths respectively. I celebrate this fact and feel that amalgamating with other cultures can only result in better understanding of the world and its people. I feel sorry for the people from the Asian religions who forbid their children to marry out of their caste/ religion. People marry because they fall in love with that person,parents dont have a monoply and cant dictate who they should spend their lives with. People will make their own choices,wether they are in this country or they are abroad.And that is how it should be. Imposition of any culture never works

People who go and settle in other countries I don’t think “dilute” the host cultures. It can be influenced and adopted as much or as little as the host culture wants it to.

Diluting the culture, it seems to me is one of those empty phrases, like saying that the western secular values are corrupting the eastern religions, or that young Asians are being corrupted by western culture.

Culture can only be diluted by consent, and if it has any benefit or relevance to the individual. Am sure someone will tell me if this is not the case, because I fail to see it.

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