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Which one will you be seen with?

Someone said that like giving blood or doing charitiable deeds,reading is one of those activity which attracts universal admiration. being seen by a certain book or displaying certain books on our coffee table gives us a certain air. It says something about us, It has been called product placement.

I laughed when I read that the American public,58 per cent of them have not read one since leaving school, rush out and buy a volume of whatever it is the latest celebrity is reading/endorsing or is seen with.But it is easy to laugh on them. Just think of those of us who buy a book if it has been deemed “intelectual,or challenging”, and never get round to reading it. How many “Brief History of Time” have been sold,which were never opened after purchase?

Various movies have scenes where the main charector opens a certain book to impress the opposite sex, only to put it away as soon as he / she has established a rapport with the intended.

There is no shortage of titles these days,which will create an impression or give a chosen insight in your psyche,or the sort of person you are trying to be.

So go on tell,if you want to be seen with a book to portray your personality which one will it be and why?

Or if you want to be associated or remembered by a book which one will it be?

Go on tellme then I will tell ou mine!

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