East and West

I have often wondered, as to what it is that attract people from the west to Eastern religions and cults?
There are thousands of followers of the sixties movement started by Bhagwan Rajneesh. Who though personally didn’t subscribe to any religion? But he started his cult based on Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism, Buddhism and Christianity.
But he is said to have received “Samadhi”or enlightenment in which his soul became one with the universe.
When he opened his commune in India, 99% of his followers were Western men and women. Though India is a very religious country but Rajneesh didn’t have the same effect or spiritual hold on the locals as he did on the foreigners.
There was lots of money to be made as these devotees surrendered their personal wealth to the movement and lived a life of piety and simplicity.
And when he settled in a big ranch in Oregon, which his devotees have bought for six million dollars. He was said to have about ninety Rolls Royce, given to him by his devotees. Reading a book by one of the cult members now, you realise that it was not all meditation and purity.

But what is it that attracts so many men and women from the west to the eastern religious practices and cults. Is it due to a lack of faith? But people in west are better educated and informed. They have access to much more information, so why do they succumb to an alien philosophy? Where as the people from the same country keep well clear of these practices.
Meditation and other peaceful practices is not a bad thing. If they provide inner peace and calmness. But some of these cults have such a grip on their young foreign disciples that they forsake everything to follow their Gurus.

In this age of conflicts and hatred among religions and cultures is this the answer?
Why don’t other cultures have such following In other words why do the people from the most informed and enlightened nations, succumb to practices and religions they know nothing about?
Am unable to answer this, I wonder if anyone else can?

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