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Every year the television and other media does a contest, by asking the public to nominate their best films. These choices are made by too large a number.It says nothing about the people choosing it, The reason for doing it and the relevence to their own lives and emotions.

I think when we sit for 2-3 hours in front of a screen or in the cinema, we go through loads of feelings. We either sympathies,or laoth the charectors. We admire the hero.or the female lead actress. We wonder what if this was to happen to us. and sometimes it really touches a nerve and we are upset.Often it happens that a film leaves such an impression on you that you never forget it.And sometimes you cant get enough of it.Some people watch the same movie somany times that the plot is etched on their memory.

I grew up with Bollywood movies. My father hated them with a passion.My mother loved them.So when he was away on bussines, my mother will make a dash forthe cinema,with me in tow. I found these epics too long and within half hour would be fast asleep.

I do remember the classic Hollywwod movies my father took me to. Ben Hur, Psycho, Hatari, and the Sound of Music come to mind.

So go on and tell me,what are your favorate films? And Why?Does it have any relevence,do they have any simillarity with your own life? Did you find those films amused you,or were to near to reality of your life?

So let us see what do the MT readers like?

And then I will tell you about  my reasons for liking the films I do.


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