Sex for Lunch !

Am reading an article in a woman`s magazine. A repectable sort of magazine you know, not one of those gossipy,tums and bums variety!

So any way this article says that one in five women are having extra marital affairs. Wot, I thought am I missing a trick here? I sat up and concentrated on the article.

It seems that 51% of women are doing this in their lunchtime! According to a survey by a certain website (which,calls itself illicit liasons) they are doing this in their lunch break. Because it seems they have a full time job,a partner and kids and they dont have time to have an affair at any other time,so they are doing it in lunchtime! WOW!

One woman said having a “lusty lunch break” was keeping her marriage alive. Another one said that if she met her lover in the evening, she will have to think of an excuse to get out of the house,but “doing” it in the afternoon, meant that she doesn`t have to make excuses. How considerate I thought! What you dont know,doesnot hurt as they say.

I find it surprising that with Aids and sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in this country why are women taking this risk? Is this a sign of women`s progress or moral decline?

You could say that married men have always looked for a “bit on the side”,so why not women?Especially now that they are as succesfull and high earners,so they are equall now,and why cant they do as they choose?

But I feel that a mother has a greater influence on her childrens morals and teaching them the rights and wrongs. What with the marriage in decline,so what of the next generations,will we go back to the tribal customs of both sexes being free to choose as many sexual partners as we want?

Have  I a right to be shocked or surprised to know that one in five women have  a lunchtime sexual liason, or is it progrsse and am only jealous?

Do tell me.

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