We can’t go through life without making mistakes. Some are small and happen every day. And then there are those with which live with us for the rest of our life.
Sometimes these mistakes are about the love of our lives, or the friend we fell out with. Or something
Small, like buying the wrong holiday, car or a house.
When you think of the rich and famous of this world, if they make a mistake then they have to live with it, and the whole world knows about it!

Think Charles and Diana, Tony Blair and the war, Clinton and his statement under oath; “I did not have sex with that woman and various others.

I will tell you of my mistake. About ten years ago I left my career in the NHS, because I got fed up with the lack of staff and resources for the patients I was looking after. Everyone knew that the manager was incompetent. The authorities were not willing to take this issue on, as the manager was making money for the unit. I left and ended the career I have loved and practiced all my life .I should have stayed and fought. But instead I gave up. Though I have done other things since the pain will always be within me. I gave up something I have always wanted.

People make mistakes everyday. Some of them are grave. Like a pregnency, which was not wanted. The consequences of which are twofold. Both the mother and child suffer for the rest of their lives. Sometime we walkout on somebody, or break a relationship but end up missing that person for the rest of our lives.
But one can’t go through life without slipping up on something or other. As the say “to err is human”, but some time mistakes area big learning curve. We learn from them. It is important sometime to watch your children take a step, which you know is not going to be profitable or useful. But you know that the only way they can find out is.by doing it!
I wonder if any of you have made a mistake, which you either regret or you have learnt from it?
I wonder.

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