A learning curve?

Childhood should be a time of fun and innocence. Exploring and learning about life and enjoying themselves, before they face the realities of life and get bogged down with mortgages and working hours.
So we love them and protect them. We so worried about their safety and about the danger of strangers that we escort them everywhere and keep them indoors. To protect them from sex predators and those who might exploit them.
But what about the indirect influences and merchandise which is aimed towards them.?
In 2006 the Australia Institute published a report called “Corporate Paedophilia” this described how the advertising and marketing was making our children aware of sex. And what effect this had on the moral values of the nation.

How about in this country? Well, it seems Cardiff Council is providing pole dancing classes to 11 year olds, in name of family fitness. I would have thought there are better ways to keeping fit than learning to pole dance!
Tesco tried to sell a Peek a boo pole dancing kit for youngsters on their on line store, and Asda are selling lacy black underwear for girls as young as six. If you thought that was a bit much, then what about the T shirts sold in America with the slogan. “some call it stalking, I call it love”!
Our very own clothing shop Next, sells T shirts for young girls with the slogan,” so many boys, so little time,” Then there are various magazines, with advise and advertisement for things which may not be suitable for them.

So what does everyone thinks? Does this matter that our children are denied the childhood, or is this all the ramblings of people who are prude and want to scare us?
With the teenage pregnancy rate highest in Europe, do we need to look at what is being sold to our children or all of this is a bit of fun?
You tellme.

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