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Tell Me Which….

Which book or film has left you feeling cheated and dissapointed? I remember watching the film of the book,the Da Vinci Code,and being bored and cheated .The film had none of the pace or the thrill the book had. The acting was lacklustre and the photography left much to be desired.After all the hype about it ,the film was a flop.

 Sometime a book dissapoints you. We all have a favorate author,and we expect them to go on writing the books we like. You dont consider that they can write something which you will not be able to continue reading, past the first chapter.

I have alwaysadmiredthe author, Monica Dickens, the great great grand daughter of the mighty Charles.She has written books about her life as a trainee nurse,a cook and a teacher. They are so funny and lively. She has a very engaging way of writing. I have read almost all of her books and have enjoyed them.

Then I was given her book called “one of the family”.I just couldnt get into that book.As if it was written by someone else.My dissapointment was immense.

The same thing happened to me with the recent books by VS Naipaul. I have read most of his books and really enjoyed them,and then recently he has lost the magic,at least for me.

Sometimes it happens that  an ending toa film or a book turns out to be so different than what you expect or want. A kind of anti -climax ,.It leaves you feeling let down.The same goes for a book.. The plot builds up and you go along with it , expecting it to end in a certain way,and then bang! The ending is so sloppy/contrary or un- expected that you just want to scream !  But there is no one toscream at!

Many a times when watching a movie,when it ends you either say well that was good,or you are left wondering as to what was that all about? There is no one to tell you why !

So tell me  which was the film  or the book which left you dissapointed,either the way it ended ,or the way it was written/made?

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