The Criminals and US

Did anyone see the article in the Telegraphs colour supplement, a week or so ago, about a forthcoming programme on C4?

Channel4 are showing a drama based on a British suicide bomber next week. Jan Moir, in her weekly column this morning, touches on this and asks why should we have sympathy for a suicide bomber? And why does it matter if he is British?

The programme in question is about a young and bright British Muslim, who is reading law, and who signs up with MI5. He joins the organisation with the best of intentions, but is soon disillusioned by the policy and the atmosphere in that organisation. His younger sister who is a bright medical student, also feels so alienated that she turns to violence.

There are already dissenting voices and critics are asking the wisdom of such a drama. If this issue is debated then it quickly descends into a religious debate. The old arguments are brought out, about Islam being a religion of hate or peace, the various interpretations of the Holy book. And as those who are the true scholars of this faith are in the minority, they are quickly shouted down.
Leaving the arena free for the radicals and those who want to spread hatred.

There is a great and urgent need for an open and an honest debate. It is not a question of them and us. We are all in it together. Nothing justifies murdering innocent people. And it is doubly abhorrent if anyone commits such acts, towards their fellow countrymen.
Just because both sides in general, and one side in particular has lots of hate mongers, preachers and misguided youth, we should not write off the whole community and the religion. And the same goes for the other side. Assuming that anyone who questions their motives is not racist.

I wonder how many of us will be watching this programme with a view to reaching a different conclusion about each other?

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