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The best,or the worst Advice?


Some people love giving advice! Whether you want it, need it or want it, the self appointed well wishers are there, plying you with their wisdom. Sometime it can be quite useful and constructive, and sometime it can be infuriating. And sometimes it can be very misleading. Like when JK Rowling was offered 1000,for Harry Potter books. It must have been some clever publishing agent on whose advice this offer was made. Something similar happened to the Beetles, their music was rejected by a recording company , as they were obviously advised against it!

In everyday life we all come across people who are our advisors, professionally or personally we look to them, to share their wisdom with us.
But it happens often that we find to our cost that it was totally the wrong thing to do. Equally sometime someone gives us a nugget of wisdom, which changes our life for good.

Governments and the prime ministers and the presidents of various nations act on what their advisor say. What a burden that must be! I mean for the advisors. Who was the one who convinced Tony and George that war was the only solution? And how come that the people who followed the advise carry the blame, not those who told them to do so?

So how about us the ordinary folk? I must admit am quite strong headed, I don’t often take the path suggested to me without using my own judgment. But there have been times when I have followed the advise of ,wait for it …my husband and promptly regretted it! Once he advised me on a certain hairstyle, and suffice to say that I spent the next few months comparing the price of wigs! Never again have I sought such advice again!

So tell me, what is the best or the worst piece of advice you have been given? And what impact it has had on your life?

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