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Bye for now..

Am off!

For about seventeen days,on holiday to India. This is the first  holiday of its kind.We have lived for nearly thirty eight years in the UK.And thave gone to India almost every year. At least my other half has travelled there every year and still does. To visit parents and family. It is lucky that we both come from the same city,so we are able to visit both sides of the family.But it is a double whammy for me, visiting a shipload of relatives,being scrutinised, advised and criticised on my western ways! But it isalways was nice to see every one.It took me a week or so before i became native again.

But my husband still goes every year to visit his mother and family.I did untill 2005,and then my father passed away.A huge rift has developed between my sister.My mother lives with her. So many differences come to surface ,that I have not been there since.It is easy for me to say,how badly I was treated by my sister,but I wont. She is not here to defend herself.I have tried to reconcile,but to no avail. Suffice to say I dont feel that I can go on getting hurt so I have decided to withdraw.

So back to this trip! We have decided that we will just go for pleasure,and do the touristy things. Find out what makes India such a favorate tourist destination.So we have had an Indian travel agent book our itenary.Delhi, then the Taj Mahal, then Jaipur, Jodhpur and the famous Udaipur and the Lake Palace Hotel.Then to Bombay and fly back home.I wont say it is a trip of a life time,as that is tempting fate! But I have never been to India when I have not been burdened by duties and responsabilities.Worried about children`s/parents health,and had all my activities organised by other family members.

So we are off tomorow night. Flying from Heathrow to Delhi. So when you will be waking up on sunday morning I shall be having lunch  in Delhi.

So Ciao Friends, I will talk to you all on the 20th.Take care of yourselves.

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