Being in Love

What ever it means! As Prince Charles famously said.

But seriously what does it mean when people say that it was love at first sight,does such a  thing exsists? What is that spark or bolt which springs up and zaps you so you are then aflicted for life? And how did we come by this notion? Is it the romantic literature and movies which have given us this perception or is there truth in it.

And can anybody describe what is it like when you are struck? I have never experienced this. My husband has! He came across me the first time, when I was arguing for my patient in a crowded emergency department of an Indian hospital. I was a newly qualified health visitor,trying to put the world to rights in an Unicef assisted primary health centere.My patient was suffering from the complications of a difficult labour.And he was a newly qualified doctor. Allegedly he was struck by my passion for my charge!

He tells me that he decided instantly that he was going to marry me. I was nineteen, and was very flattered by the attention and the chase that followed. Once we were married,itwas a slow process when I learnt to respect and love him.Then the children arrived,and the rest is now as they say ,is history.

Once they have attained the object of their desire,men very rearely tell you about their feelings. You are now acquired property!  And I may add that Asian men are worst in this department.

So personaly I have not  experienced that shock”or the lightening bolt”, I want to know how many of you have been afflicted in this manner, and HOW does feel? And doesthe feeling last a lifetime?

Do tell me please.

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