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I read somewhere that a recent season of programmes on BBC2,was full of stories on immigration and lives of Muslims.
Nothing new in that you might say, but not when the programme was billed and commissioned as exploring the discontent and the disenfranchisement, of the British people..

The trend seems to be these days that Muslims add a touch of spice to everything. So much so that other minorities are being neglected or ignored.
The television programmes seems to be full of this religion. From “Britz” of C4 to the “spooks” of the BBC, the stories have dilemmas and issues facing the British Muslims.
The BBC has always been one for promoting diversity with gusto. When the Greg Dyke announced ,that the BBC was full of “hideous white faces,” the corporation set off on a huge campaign to recruit them. Scripts were accepted and commissioned just because the writer happens to be from a minority. If you have a black or brown face you were given priority in everything.
I recently heard Matthew Parish, the broadcaster say on a programme, that he felt the gay community didn’t need protection from the government or anybody. This was in response to the statement made by Jeff Hoon, that the minorities needed protection.
Well said Matthew, I agree with you. We are grown ups, we can make our own way in a society we have chosen to live. We don’t want be led by the hand into the world!

Now a days the BBC and the other media have adopted a new approach. The are concentrating on Muslims. God knows why they need to be in the front line. The media is obsessed with them as it is. No day goes by without at least one story about the people of that faith.
Do anyone or any religion needs that much written about? Good or bad.,and what effect is this having on the majority? Everyone thinks anyone from that faith is a murderer. Not a week goes by when some story or other is in headlines.

So would it help if the broadcasters and the press lay off this minority? They don’t need to be made a special case and given priority, nor do they need every little episode given prominence in the press.

It is not like each and everyone from that faith is a murderer ,or is it?

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