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Do we want to see this?

I watched an incredible programme last night. It was very strange and pointless.
It was about a middle aged grand mother from Cheshire, called Jane, who has just got married for the sixth time.

At the age of 51,she has just married the 26-year-old son of Osama Bin Ladin!

They met two years ago in Egypt, where Jane was on holiday. And according to Jane, from his first glance she knew that he wanted to marry her! Though on her own admission, he was standing a long away when this happened. But she knew anyway. And to make his assumed wish come true, she proposed to him! Within two weeks of meeting him, they were married.

But this marriage is not without its problems. Despite converting to Islam and taking the name Zaina, she has only been allowed in Saudi Arabia where Omar Bin Ladin lives. On a visitors visa. No discrimination there then! Their lives are said to be in danger. I dare say am not surprised. The father of the groom has not really endeared himself to the world, and the hate he and his followers have for the west is no secret either.
The man himself didn’t come across as the sharpest tool in the box. Clad in a Dolce and Gabbana baseball cap, Jeans with studs and hair, which was long and wild ,he spoke in single sentences. He doesn’t seem to have a view on anything.
When Jane chatted with him on the webcom, from her Cheshire home and whined how much she adored him, he occasionally nodded and said yes!
The only time he became animated was, when the interviewer asked him if he was attracted to older women! Well considering he has just married someone old enough to be his mother, I thought this was not really a leading question.
He nodded, and said that he was looking for a younger woman to have “babies with”. And on this note Jane piped up saying she was going to help him find this woman.
I felt sick.

Jane was doing her bit to counter the threat to their union, she has just given interviews to both the Sun and the News Of The World, saying that they have been divorced. To mislead those who were against their marriage. But in reality she was going to secretly be with him. But wait for it, she was starting this secret married life with, yes you guessed it, with the BBC documentary filming it.

I just could not understand either the meaning the sense or purpose of this documentary.
I also wondered , whether the world is right in being so frightened of the likes of Bin Ladin? He is not really the brain of Middle East if his son is anything to go by.
Is he really sitting somewhere running an empire of terror, or is it the case that mindless, and evil morons just plot their own evil acts and too much credit and power is attributed to this man?

And what was the BBC trying to achieve with this poorly filmed, dismally edited and ill-conceived programme.

And lastly, do I want my license fee to be spent on showing ,me the playboy antics and chauvinistic attitudes? Think Not.

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