British women

An American author has written an article in the Times,saying that British women just dont care for themselves. It seems that American women spend nearer to $ 500-1000,a month on manicures,pedicures facials and hair dressers.

Whereas British women he says,are more interested in food! He took one on a date,and it seems she was more interested in her Shepered`s Pie,than her escort.

So are we guiltyas charged? Of course the French women are world renown for their Chic, and American ladies throw enough money and spend time in trying to look good. Eastern women have always been too bothered about looks.Being fair and spen a lot of money on jewellery and clothes.Lasttime when I was in India ,the beauty parlour inthe hotel I was staying was very busy. One Indian lady asked me how often did I visited the beauty salon in the Uk.I mumbled sonmething. Truly I cant remember when I had visited one. She was aghast! What no beauty treatment? Andyou live in the UK?

Seriously what do we think? Do British women believe in being gritty,down to earth and practical,and frown upon being pampered? And what do men think? They might say clever things like beauty is not skin deep etc;but if they see a slim,beautifully groomed woman ,do they not look at her and lust after her?

Ah butyou might say,are we women bothered! We dont care if men look elsewhere. This is not really true though.Otherwise all these cosmetics,health farms and fashion shopswill not thrive as they do.

I for one love an admiring glance,a compliment and more than anything I want to feel good for myself.It gives me confidence.

So do you agree that British women are over weight,not well groomed and have let themselves go,or do you think it is all too frivilous anyway?


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