Women and Religion

Why are women treated badly in the name of religion? Is it because they are the weaker sex and cannot defend themselves?

I heard in the news today that Iraqi women are being murdered for not wearing a full body-covering garment. The irony is that before the invasion, Iraqi women were the most liberated in the Middle East. They mixed freely in society, dressed in western clothes and worked side by side with men.

So what has changed since the invasion of that country? Why the hatred and frustration of a torn apart nation is targeted on its women I wonder.

It is not just in Islam that women are targeted. In Hinduism women were burnt alive on the funeral pyre of their husband. Now though this is not legal but the life of a widow is worse than death. They are not allowed to marry, are confined in the house and are not allowed to partake in any family celebrations. Some sects even forbid them to seasoned food. their heads are shaved,they cant wear any colour, just white clothes.And on the whole they are denied even the basic pleasures of life.It is considered unlucky to see them.

Women seem to have two images, like the conniving Eve, and the Virgin Mary, in Hinduism has goddesses who are powerful and full of energy and women who are just devotees of their avatars. Women are mothers who have a huge burden on them. To bear and raise children, make homes and manage families. So why are they the first to be punished,deprived and spressed?

So why is the world not enraged when women are rounded up and killed for not covering up, when they are burnt alive. When in Darfur, rival gangs rape because they want revenge. And when some culture punish them for the death of their spouse? 

It has really outraged me,that as the invasion of Iraq has not only devastated that country,but has made life even harder for women. Is it becausethey are a vulnerable group? Is there no justice?


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