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To Each and Everyone of You



A Very Happy Christmas and a Very Happy  New Year to all of you. And to all the Muslim friends here,A Very Happy Eid and  a Happy Chanuka to all my Jewish friends

And those of you  who dont belong to   any religion, Seasons Greetings, and just have a peaceful and happy time.

I have my children coming home,so it is now family time for me. I might look in from time to time,but untillthe new year amjust going to enjoy my family. I think there is a lot ofthe Asian mother in me. I love cooking for them,spoilling them and just being around them. Though we allget together everytwo months or so,but this is special,when they are home .

So allof you,those with whom I regulalry exchange comments,and those who have never “spoken” to me.

Have a great time, and peace and joy be yours.

PS.  I tried to post a smiley and a picture, but didnt succeed. Sorry. “Sob”.

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