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In today`s DT an article talks about the new trend of “virtual parties”. People are staying in on new years eve and having “parties” in cyber space. So I wondered,if we could have one ?On my blog,you all are invited to come, buy each other a drink and chat in generaland see the new year in.

We could,laugh,talk and discuss every subject under the sun. But please go easy on religion please. But no subject is a taboo.

So please join me in seeingthe New Year in. May be some of you might consider me sad,but am quite happy to have a drink handy and toast the new year with you all.

Here is a topic to start off the discussion

So here we are at the end of another year. Presents have been opened,used,discareded or exchanged, the remenents of the turkey have long gone,and the cards and the glitter have lost its sparkle.

According to a surey a year on,not many can remember what presents they have had! I can honestly say that I have to really think hard to remember what presents I have had in the past two years.

And it seems there is a meaning in the presents your man gies you! Shoes means he really isntrying to please you.Whereas CDs and DVDs are a “lazy” present, he has left it too late andhas just grabbed the first thing which came to mind.And as for soft toys,well dont even think about it! It seems this present means that he doesnt think of you as a grown up intellegent person, and wait for it…the relationship in his opinion was not serious at all. Underwear has the same fate as the CDs,a last minute effort.

Me?this yearI just directed my other half towards the beauty counter and Chanel. Night creme,hand creme and body lotion. All beautifully wrapped by the sales lady. Less hassle for the buyer and I got what I needed.

So tell me what has been the most memorable present for you,not only this year but from the Christmases past? And what has been the most awfull one? For me the most remembered,used and cherished present was a mobile phone,some five years ago.

So tell me about yours?





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