New Beginings

So the New Year is here and we all are full of optimism and hope. We hope for new beginnings and don’t want to look at what is now in the past.

We as a nation were shocked to hear about the death of young Rhys Jones in Liverpool. Boys of eleven are not meant to be shot on our streets. In 2007,sixteen young people have lost their lives. The owners of guns and knives are getting younger, and their recklessness shows. Young lives are sacrificed to a knife, gun and drug culture. A year has gone by, but there is no improvement in the situation.

The Iraq conflict is said to have lasted longer than the Second World War. And they are facing worst conditions in Afghanistan. Young men and women come back from battlefield weary and depressed. And are not given enough or any support. It is said that post – traumatic stress has increased, and there have been many suicides.
I read an article a day or so ago, which said that there was a lamentable shortage of psychiatrists and support services. This is a disgraceful way to treat our young men and women who are braving death and destruction for the Queen and the Country.
I wonder by the time this New Year becomes old, we would have done something about it?

We had those awful floods last summer too, and some people are still living in Caravans and make shift houses. The insurance payments have not arrived promptly and red tape has delayed the basic repairs. Prolonging the misery for the victims.

Even the case of Madeline McCann has remained un-resolved, new stories almost every month. Prolonging the misery for the parents. We need to pause and think the state of our society where little blonde girls are abducted. And if the tabloids are to be believed, for a paedophile ring.
Am not even going to mention the state of our economy and the horror stories of its forthcoming meltdown.

And away from our country, we have the turmoil in Pakistan and Kenya. And we don’t know what mayhem will ensue the election in Pakistan.

Am sorry to be a doom monger, but I really wish that when a year ends, we should be able to have resolved its problems.

Am sure you all will agree with me?

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