The World of MT

I have never been part of a site such as MT, or any other social networking or blogging site.

Am not sure how many of you are experienced participants of such a site, but it seems that we all have taken to the MT in a big way.

I know that there were mutterings in the media that newspaper in their present form (print) didn’t have a very bright future, as a whole generation was growing up with computers. They got their news, reviews and social interaction via their screens. It saved them time and money.

So naturally the print media wanted to cash in on this. I think the Guardian was first to launch a site called ” comment is free”, where they recruited journalists to fill in the column inches. A friend of mine writes on that site. But they are paid to do it.

And then the Telegraph came up with this experiment. They took a more democratic approach, and allowed us, the members of the public to vent our spleen. On anything we wanted. Well within reason, the moderators were doing an impossible job. If they intervened too much, they got in trouble. And if they didn’t interfere they were accused of being negligent.

But we have all settled down into a sort of community. But it seems that this site has more or less taken over our lives. Am just as guilty of thinking about it, spending hours reading others writings, and neglecting other chores!

But it seems there are others who take it far more seriously. It has become a kind of second life for them. It truly has become a personal domain for some bloggers.

Though I confess to having a mental image of most of the writers, and confess to have mental dialogue with them, but I cant ever imagine being so angry with them that I will use such language, as I have seen in last few days. Why are people so angry, if some have gone elsewhere? Yesterday on one blog I read a comment, which was so below par that I just could not believe it was written by one of us. Surely no one deserves such venom? And why? They have not personally harmed or insulted us in any way. We just know each other from a web site, set up by a newspaper, for advertising space. How could we become so involved that we can call someone we barely know such names?

Am all for a heated and controversial debate, be it on religion, politics or anything under the sun. There are plenty of religious / immigrant debates on the site.

And they always remain civilised. People like our lost Wendy (where is she anyway?) and David Albion, have never used personal abuse, despite having very strong views on immigration.

Christina Osborne, is one of my favourite, for the most incise and precise put-downs. Cymbeline is the same. Hitting her target with surgical precision. Elle is a gentleman, producing copious documents to make his argument. And of course Shermeen and Cogito are known for their politeness.

And though I never participate in the religious debates, but I read and learn from them.

But why since Christmas we have become so combative? Why such personal attacks?

Or is it I? Am I reading insults to other bloggers where they are none? In that case perhaps I need to examine my outlook.

It will be a shame if it became something, which can bring out our worst.

I wonder if others agree with me?

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