How trusting are we of our fellow humans?

Am often accused of being naive and even stupid, because I have great faith in human Nature.

Nature. May be having nursed across two continents, I have come to the conclusion that there is good in everyone. Sometimes circumstances turn them into cheats.

No, don’t sneer that really is my opinion. I have always trusted people. Taken their word for whatever it is they claim to be, and so far I have never been disappointed.

But am not as naive as Jeremy Clarkson!Did you know that he published the details of his bank account, and the sort code, along with the addresses of his bank an his home.

This was in his column in the Times. Clarkson was sneering at the “fuss” about the missing discs, which contained details of millions of child benefit recipients.

Nothing will happen he said, if your details are in public domain, . “So here are my details”!

Only to find out a week later that someone has set up a direct debit from his account, for 500 ! The bank cannot find out who did that due to the data protection act, and the cant stop it from happening again.

Oh dear, you cant help feeling sorry for him, but don’t you think this world will be a sad place,if w e doubted everyone.So how far will you go in trusting someone. And has your trust ever been betrayed?

Are there certain group of people you will not trust? Or certain professions, or community you stay clear of ?

And is it right to believe that everyone has some good in them, should we look for ways to tap into that goodness? Or should we be suspicious of everyone? 

I would love to know.

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