Positive Thoughts

Is it true that we can do anything by setting our mind to it?
I have read a lot about the power of thought and suggestion. The other day I was listening to a radio interview, the author of a new book on positive thinking was, very convincingly talking about his life’s work.

He has a PhD in pharmaceutical science. Before launching any new drug hey are tested on human volunteers. Half of them are given drugs, and the other half are prescribed sugar pills. He says he was astonished to see that a greater number of volunteers on placebo, recovered. By the power of suggestion he says, the body can right itself. Of course the drug company he was working for didn’t want to hear this. So he ended up giving up his job and devoting his time to further research on this.

I have heard about people writing an ambition on paper and sleeping with it under the pillow, and realising it. And am aware of the various centres for the treatment of cancer, where the sufferers, summon their inner energy to heal them.

So what is the power of thought, and how would it help us to heal our ailments. According to this book, when you think of a particular part of your body, a part of your brain lights up and concentrates on it. This says the author has the power to right any problems that part of the body might be having.
It is true that under hypnosis, when we are cut off from the real world and concentrate on what we are trying to achieve, some times we can. So is it a case of concentrating our hidden energies to achieve a goal?
We all have seen and heard of people walking on burning coals. How does that happen? Does the mind have the power to block out the pain because we tell it to?
Certain magnetic forces have effect on our minds. It is said that during the meteor shower or the northern lights, people who live nearby, their brain activity is enhanced.
Certain brain chemicals like the Melatonin are increased.

The book and CD by the hypnotist Paul McKenna, Called “I can make you thin”, was on the best seller list for almost a year. And lots of women and men, said to have lost weight with its help.
So what is the power of thought and mind? Have any of you have any experience or thoughts about it.
I have, in the interest of research, decided to buy the above CD and book by Paul M. And see if it helps me to lose some weight. I need to lose a stone.
I will keep you posted of my progress or the lack of it. He tells you not to weigh yourself for four weeks, after starting the programme.
Meanwhile I want to hear from you wise people.

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