Green and pleasant…..

Minehead is a beautiful seaside town.
Also known as the gateway to Exmoor, it has views and beautiful beaches.
I have been a regular visitor there since 1972, as it was the nearest sandy beach for us. And children loved it. I was always struck with the gentle nature of the people and the calmness of the place.

And now the peace is shattered. A 36 year old man was murdered. His body was found on the street, with blows to his head.
The people who appeared in the court yesterday, charged with the murder. Their ages range from 16 to 19 years.
Am just un-able to understand, when did this peaceful, and green town turned into a place where people are just murdered.

It is said that cities have such gangs, fuelled by drugs and roaming the street looking for a victim. But a seaside town with mostly retired people probably should not attract them. But it seems nowhere is safe these days.
The chief constables are about to reveal the strategy to prevent youth crime. Schools are to have metal detectors. Officers will be in classes keeping an eye and their new policy is “help, support and respond”.
They can’t obviously just pick up the trouble makers and give them a clip round the ear or take to their father, who will prescribe suitable punishment.

Rights will have to be considered, for example the children are not expected to empty their pockets before they pass through the metal detectors. Because this will “infringe their privacy”, eh…?

Where are the parents and their responsibility in all this? What about us as a community, how involved are we with the young people among us?
I may be old fashioned, but I have believed that until the age of five, the most formative years of their lives. I was responsible. The foundation was laid, and then the school and the rest of the world could build on it. But now days, no one takes any responsibility. Asian families were once considered as most involved and protective. And the parents felt that they were the ones who were responsible, for how their children turned out. Not any more it seems.
So who is responsible for the way our children behave? And why are our young so aggressive these days, that the Home Secretary is afraid to walk the streets?
Someone should know>

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