A bit on the Side

Can adultery be good for a marriage?

I heard this discussion today on the television. The topic was that some football player has been cheating on his wife. And he has been found out. The discussion was between a reporter, a marriage councillor and the owner of a website, which encourages and facilitates contact, for those who are married, but are looking for a bit on the side!

The argument goes that, no one looks elsewhere, unless there is something lacking in a marriage. And by providing a service, like this website, they are just easing the search. And sometimes adultery revives a marriage.
And as someone glibly commented, what is wrong with variety?
What indeed!
It is known that a man is a polygamous creature. Islam allows a man to marry up to four women, if he can treat them all equally. Many kings and rulers in the East had at least ten wives. I don’t know if, or could they treat them equally.

The lady from the website was adamant that going elsewhere, makes the cheating partner realise the good things in their marriage. And sometimes it improves a hopeless situation. But on the other hand, it might start a new relationship.
So is there anything wrong with having a bit on the side?
Marriage was advocated by religions for procreation. Now days, most marriages are conducted in registry office. Without the involvement of religion. It is a partnership. Sometimes for tax benefits, and for a host of other reasons.
Including, immigration.

So when marriage has lost its sanctity, when a lot of people don’t believe in any religion, so why is it wrong? Is it not hypocritical to say that here should not be websites for married people to meet others?

I wonder what you think.

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