Being a Migrant

Am reading, a book by Sir Mark Tully on India.

I like Mark Tully; I see some of my ideals in him.

He has loved India, adopted it as his country and lives there happily. He has adopted himself to the customs and made lots of friends, he is a valuable member of the community, where he lives. He has made an effort to understand the host culture and to respect it.
Something I have tried to do, since I adopted this country. I have always found that the British people have always been reasonable and fair minded.
So why is there so much animosity these days among the immigrants and the rest?

I was brought up to, and I believe that it is polite not to discuss religion, and politics in company. Others are bound to have strong opinions.

Because I believe that religion is something which should be personal, and remain just that. Trying to convince others of the virtues of ones beliefs is futile.
If you believe in something strongly then your own belief should be strong. Why do you need another to reinforce it?

The big problem at the moment is and has been for sometime that people, who are devoutly religious, have a certain superiority complex, or they come across as such.
Why do Muslims insist that everyone else should respect their religion the same way as they do? I accept that in Islam Christianity is respected, but the believers of Islam should be strong enough to adhere to their faith, without constantly complaining about others who don’t.
Ones faith is between an individual and his/her maker, and it should be kept that way. There is no need to take every opportunity to try to convince everyone else of the qualities of Islam.

Why is there a need to build huge Mosques? God should be close to ones heart, and can be approached anytime. The building of huge places of worship is purely to show superiority of ones religion. It has never been advocated. The essence of belief is moderation, humility and modesty. Not the boast that ones faith is truer and superior and peaceable than others.
Am sure the Christians or others who have settled in other countries don’t and are not allowed to build huge places of worship there.

People like Mark Tully who have adopted another culture and live happily and successfully in are an example to all of us. The don’t spend their time boasting about the superiority of their religion or culture. They don’t make UN reasonable demands. And they don’t make a point of standing out by dressing very differently.
They have chosen a country to live and they try to fit in rather than stand out.
And most of all they don’t expect everyone to respect their beliefs and religion.

I don’t think that is asking a lot, if not then one should stay in a land where they can maintain status quo and will not have to make any changes.

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