Is this real Love?

I was in the town shopping, and noticed that shops are decked with hearts, and symbols of love, in readiness for the 14th. Or,the Valentines Day.

I have not heard about this special day before I came to the UK. And it certainly has acquired greater significance since the 1980s. Now from January onwards, everything being sold has a heart of some sort, or a mention of love.
As I understood it, its purpose is to allow secret admirers, and lovers to tell the object of their desire that they love/ admire them

So far, am following it.

It gets a bit puzzling for my simple brain when parents send valentine cards to their sons/daughters, or vice versa. So is it an expression of love, not necessarily just between lovers?

Please remember that I come from a culture where husband and wife don’t even hold hands openly. It is considered disrespectful to show that kind of affection openly.
Once you are married, as a woman you assume the responsibility of running the home and feeding the husband and children, and he becomes the provider. A rather practical arrangement.
But since being in the west, I have become quite found of these colourful rituals, whereas my husband remains totally indifferent. In his book it is sheer exploitation and commercialisation. It doesn’t make any difference to the true feelings ,one has.
Our children though, wine and dine their lovers and a good time is had by all.

So what is the reality? I thought because My Telegraph has, matured, educated and articulate people , am wondering if you will settle this matter for me please.

How many of you follow the ritual?
Do you get in trouble with your other halves if you don’t do anything?
Is it commercialisation, when the price of flowers is sky high. Worthless goods are wrapped in heart shapes and tinsel, and make profit for the sellers?

In short is it a must to have something on the day, and will you be upset if you didn’t?

I know, I am sometime! Sigh.

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