Mumbo Jumbo and Snake oil


Do you, or should you believe everything you read in the media? How about advertising? I know we have an agency which keeps tabs on what is acceptable and honest. But its remit only extends to the print and broadcast media.

What about the internet though? With thousands and millions of websites and their ability to send their material to our mail boxes, are we vulnerable?

It seems there is a group on the social networking site “Face book”, which believes that a doctor in Maryland USA, has discovered a cure for HIV/ Aids. It also claims that the government is not allowing him to make it public.

People most at risk are those who are ill with a serious illness or have a disability. The late John Diamond, who died of throat cancer, wrote about it in his books. When chemotherapy failed, how he was lured by the “alternative” therapists. Hoping against hope and spending thousands of pounds. Only to confront the bitter truth that, these cures don’t work.
In the third world there are thousands of such cures and myths. From leaves to wild berries, everything is utilised and then there are thousands of mystics and psychics who give you little talismans, which have been blessed by Holy gurus. Which ward off evil spirits and improve your health and wealth. And there are people who swear by it.
So what i want to know is do you the well informed and educated westerners believe in this?
Have you come across something which has defied conventional medicine ? Do you trawl the internet to find a cure for something? And do you trust what is sold on the internet and if not, why ?

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