Not In My Name..

A friend of mine, who has been living abroad for a while, wrote to me yesterday. She said that they have had plans to retire in the UK, but not any more. The state of this country was such now that she didn’t think they could live here any longer.

I was going to write to her, detailing the good (and there are very many of those) points of this country. Am a born optimist, and I always like to look at the positive aspects of everything.

But since this morning what I have heard has changed my mind. And try as I might, I can’t find words to cheer up my friend or make a case for her return to this country.

First I heard this morning that guidelines have been sent to schools that teachers and staff can’t refer to the word Mummy and Daddy and children, when talking about a family unit. And they can’t talk to a child as if he has mummy daddy!

I heard this on the BBC`s phone in this morning and I almost dropped my tea cup.

And not only that, but it was to be a “criminal offence” if a member of staff refers to any one as mum and dad.

What lunacy is that? I have nothing against gay parents, or step parents, they can choose to be called whatever they want to, but making it a criminal offence?

I also have no qualm about the rights of those who wish to have civil ceremony and live together. Sexual orientation is a matter for the individual and good luck to them.

But for the State to pass such a ludicrous law is beyond the pale.

Watching a programme on Sharia law last week, I was appalled by the bias towards women. Those who were in abusive relationship and were desperate to get out of it were not able to do so. They were asked to wait for three months. Where as a man has just said the word divorce three times and has been to Pakistan and re married.

And then there are plans to give extra benefits to those who have more than one wife. Despite the fact that bigamy is illegal in this country.

And then I hear the Archbishop has said that the UK will have Sharia law. As I wondered, that how could a single country have two legal systems? How can half the citizens abide by one law and the other half by another? What about social cohesion?

Is this not a sure recipe for communal divisions and hatred?

So what are the people in authority trying to do? Is the misguided loyalty to the minorities, like the Gay and the Muslim community, or have these people have taken the leave of their senses? What is their game?

Because am sure the Gay community doesn’t want such loony laws in their behalf and , I as a member of the so called minority ,certainly don’t want such practices in my name.

Can anyone suggest what can I say to convince my friend that the UK is still the country we all loved?

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