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Now For Something…

Completly different!

Why not use my page to send your loved one /the one you hate/ a message?

The Tlegraphs pages will be filled in next few days with, “black adder loves pink tulip” or black lace wants to see boxer shorts again”, you know the sorts. Along with “M loves P” etc.

So why not send messages for free on my blog to whoever you want, who knows they might be reading, if not then they can be prompted to do so.

I dont know if the Mods will deletemy blog as it might dtract from their revenue, but on the other hand it might provide them with more new readers!

Besides who knows how many bloggers here are carrying a candle in their hearts for someone on this site? Am sure there are some who sense a certain chemistry for each other. So go on then, you know wo you are, and dont give your real name and post a message for whoever it is.

With so much anger, and serious exchanges, let us have a bit of fun. Am not trying to trivilise the frustration people have felt of late, but may be it is time to take a break.

So let us see who wants to be the first, and I will add mine towards the end!

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