What do you think?

There are more things in heaven and earth than we imagine…or something like that, as the saying goes. Is this also something that Shakespeare said? Am not sure, how about it?

The daily Telegraph carried a report a day or so ago that a certain council was paying to exorcise a house. Where there were loud noises and doors were being slammed.
This kind of activity is heard of from time to time.

In the East and countries like India, all things Paranormal are common place and are accepted as a fact of life. Everyone knows someone who has experienced something like this, or they know of others who have.

So what is it? How about the contact with the dead? There are quite a few mediums of earn a loving by putting people in touch with their departed relatives. The television has two or three such shows. One is from the States and other comes from London. Some of the details the Colin Fry of this world provide are astonishing. Can it all be a con trick?

Sometimes something happens to us, which leaves us floundering for a rational explanation. In my case it happened about two years ago.
My father suddenly died in 2005. I was not able to say good bye to him, as in India the burial takes place almost immediately. It was a very low period in my life. There were many un- resolved issues between us. And I was very upset that we have not had the chance to sort things out.

I used to wish if only I could dream of him, so at least I will have a chance to get some of my burden off. No luck though. This was the summer of 2005.

Towards the end of the year, we went to London for a weekend. While there, I phoned our son and his wife, who live in Cambridge to come and join us for a meal.
The night before we were to meet up, I dreamt of my father for the first time. Nearly five months after his death. He seemed in good spirits, and was accompanied with a child. No words were exchanged, but he smiled and sat this child beside me, and then he was gone.
The next day, our son arrived. They gave us the news that they were expecting their first baby. And this has been confirmed just a day or so ago.
Try as I might, I have not been able to find a rational explanation.
I have been told that something like this happened to my mother. When she was expecting me, her mother was taken very ill. The news was not given to my mother, for fear of upsetting her. My mother dreamt that her mother has come to see her with a little girl, and told her that this was her daughter.
This was the night that my grandma passed away.
I was told this story, long time ago. I never paid it much attention. But when this happened to me, I have struggled to make sense of it.

So what is it? An alter ego, spirit, mind tricks, or something else? There are so many such stories and incidents.
Am interested to know, in this elite gathering of bloggers , how many of you have ever heard or experienced anything like it?
Do the Western people, who are knowledgeable and rational, believe in anything like it, or this is all pure nonsense?
Please tell me.

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