The multiple murders of the five prostitutes and the conviction of their murderer has had thepress in  a frenzy. All the news papers and radio programmes have the gory detailes, and interviews with the women who have had “near misses” with Steve Wright.

Dont you wonder how, when something like this happens,people want to use every possible media to talk about their experiences.

The arguments are raging for and against  prostitution. Whether it should be legalised, banned or controlled. One thing is certain that it will go on untill there is a demand for it. As various people have said, it serves a social need.

We as women feel angry that women are forced to sell their bodies.That they are mistreated, beaten and even muredered because of their profession

I was listening to a phone in on the BBC this morning on this subject. But what shocked me was that there were callers who were talking about this being the new  way of making money in the university campus.

Young gay students were approached as soon as they joined the campus, by established agencies,and told how they can make extra cash, and they did!

120 to be precise in one night. And then they did it every week, and the girls were more in demand. They were “hired” two to three times a week.

It is said that there are networks in every university, and some are run by students themselves.

Call me a prude, but I believed that we should bring up our children to respect values and morals. To respect themselves and not sleep around. Sex , was said to be a part of a meaningful relationship.

I come from a culture where sex outside marriage is just not allowed. And I know that this is a western society.But is there a happy medium? I will accept that young people will indulge in sex with those they are attracted to, and that is part of university life. But encouraging young people to make extra cash this way, is this right?

Since I have been in the UK I have seen attitudes to sex change. Children are very aware of sex  from an early age.We as parents and adults are very liberal. The televison churns out explicit and adult material, before the watershed. We have accepted all this. If we protest then we are called old fashioned and un realistic.

But I find it hard to accept that we are encouraging our youngsters to sell themselves to substitue their higher education grants.

Should we be ashamed/shocked and questioning, or should we look the otherway, shrug our shoulders and tell ourselves to move on with the times?????

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