What will you do?

If there was no television?

There used to be a programme called “Why dont you switch off your t.v.and do something useful”.

Now that the television has become such an intgral part of us, that we think of our lives in terms of its programmes.Outings are planned in a way that we can be back home to watch whatever it is that we want to watch.  The Sky plus box is so popular, purely because it will record the programmes and the whole series sometimes.

When we are at work,or if the children are at school. the topic of conversation is what they have seen the night before. You can start a conversation with strangers about a television programme. And then there are publicaations and website who just write about the soaps operas and other television programmes.It is a bussiness worth billionsof pounds.

I grew up without this phenomena. We only had the radio,and I was only allowed certain times of the day to listen to it. And then the programmes I listened to, were selected by my parents.

When I arrived in the UK,we couldnt afford a t.v. set for a long time. Time off was spent going out and  with friends. Once we acquired a set, we started spending more and more time watching it.

Now as we are getting older, this seems an easy option. I do fit in house work, gardening, reading and sewing etc; in y life. But my husband just adores the t.v.  He is a man of very few words, and it suits him fine to lose himself into something where no one is trying to strike a conversation.

Does this happen in other household too?

SO if there was no televison in all our lives how will we spend our time? How will the long dark evenings of winter will pass? Will the birth rate increase, marriages will survive and relationships  flourish?

So what will you replace in your life insted of this box, or is this a crazy idea and we cant go back to a time when there was no television?

I would love to know, what you think.






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