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One report out today says that people who take pills for depression are wasting their time. There are some thirteen million prescriptions are dispensed every year. The report reveales that there is little benefit in treating mild or moderate depression with medication. As opposed to giving them sugar pills.

General practioners have great pressures these days. Patients visiting them expect an instant cure.It. It is said that the loneliness and lack of time to talk, a lack of community and social network also contribute to the feeling of being helpless and hopeless.

I remember I suffered post natal depression after the birth of my first child. It was a difficult and prolonged labour, and he was a demanding baby. But the biggest contributing factor in my opinion was my lonelines. We were living in a flat provided by the hospital where my husband worked. It was in the grounds of a psychiatric hospital. Miles from anywhere. I was young, there were no family or friends  around. I was on my own almost all day, with a demmanding baby.

I have often wondered if I had friends or people  to talk to , could I have avoided feeling so miserable and tired. These days there are fewer communities these days. Families are spreadall over the world and around the country so where does one go for such support?

Can social networks like this blog site be considered as supports? Counselling is succesfull because it is easier to talk to a total stranger about ones troubles. We all talk openly about ourselves,secure in the knowledge that the reader/listner doesnt know the real us and we will never come face to face.

So are such networks. good/necessory for us , to find friendships and find support? Can they be an alternative community?  Do you think we will seek less medical intervention if we had networks like this where we can air our troubles?

I will confess that I have found great support here.



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