A guide to happiness

The Good wife’s Guide, was written in 1955, it was published in The House keeping magazine.

It advised women to:”have a delicious meal ready, in time for his return”, to shut up and listen to him and never to object if he “he goes out to dinner or other places of entertainment without you…even if he stays out all night”.

So you can see that the attitudes have changed a bit! In a recent survey The Daily Mail, reported that men these days want women to be able to manage the household finances and be independent.

Women do more than that these days. Thanks to many DIY magazines and books, women can tackle their own plumbing and as someone suggested they don’t need men to change their fuses either!

A guide for men was not written in the 1950s so we don’t know what women wanted them to do. And perhaps men just pleased themselves.

In this day and age of surrogate motherhood and IVF, anyone can have a baby; a partner is not really needed. But there are things we as women stil need men for.
Reaching things from higher shelves, taking the dustbins out and may be to chaperon us on holidays and to parties come to mind.

So what are men and women looking for in an ideal partner  today? Women I suspect put the ability to be able to converse and be a companion above the looks, and being rich is a bonus. Though I don’t think it can be a substitute for intelligence. Having a body like Adonis is also good, but one can only spend so much time admiring it!
I should think the same is true of men. They do like a good figure and looks but am sure not at the expense of brains, do they?
Anyway it will be good to hear from both ladies and gentlemen, what are you looking for in a partner? And if a guide is to  be written in the 21st century, what would you like included in it?

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