Have you seen the new “Whites” season on the BBC?

They were doing a phone in on this yesterday on radio4, I emailed a comment and they called back and asked me to make my point on air.

And I did.

This series is about the working class white people, who are, the corporation claims are the forgotten minority.

Why were they forgotten? My comment was that in the past few years the media in general and the BBC in particular have gone out of their way to promote the ethnic minorities. I reminded them of the famous breast beating remarks of their Director General, Greg Dyke. That the corporation is full of” hideous white faces”. I remember at the time phoning one of their radio programmes, and asking them, if Greg Dyke would have got away with it, had he mentioned “hideously black or brown faces”?
The same director general also started a scheme of positive discrimination for people from ethnic minorities.
I have always asked such awkward questions, because I know a white person asking such questions will be deemed racist. And it is the suppression of such inquiries which has led to the suppression of the indigenous people. And that can never be healthy, fair or conducive to good race relations.

Yesterday I was also asked if I have met any working class people! As if they are an alien breed living on the planet Zog. Of course I have. I was a nurse most of my life, apart from the patients who came from all walks of life, I had a whole army of hospital staff, I knew and worked with. Cleaners, porters, kitchen staff and others. I never put them in any category, we were a team, who were vital for running a hospital.

Perhaps they are the silent minority, who were just happy to do a days work and go home. They didn’t study the current affairs or listened to any political debates. And when the politically correct lobby swung into action , and all energies were directed towards the immigrant community they perhaps just went back to living their own life, on their own terms.

In the last decade or so the loony policies of the politically correct lobby have gone out of their way to make special case of one minority at the expense of other. So if the there is a forgotten minority, it is because it has been created by the media, and especially by the BBC.

If now they are trying to make amends , then I would say it is too little too late. And shame on them .

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