As a woman I feel that my spouse thinks the same way as I do. Not so. For example if I go into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea, and if there are some dirty dishes around or some thing else needs putting away, cleaning or tidying; I will do that before I settle down with my cuppa.
But not my other half, or any other man I know. They will be focused on the task in hand. If they are there to make themselves tea, then that is what they will do.
It will never occur to them, that there may be something else in there , which needs doing.
I used to get very angry about it, when I was younger. I just could not imagine, that my husband never saw the dust, or the clutter, or any need for tackling it.
So why is this that we women are programmed to clean and tidy the place ,and feel un comfortable if the place is in a mess.
I have been reading an American book on psychology, and it says something like”
Many women have been traumatised and over trained by their mothers. Therefore they have all sorts of standards and rules”!

It seems that most women have issues to resolve. And until they do that, they will, it seems; they will continue to inflict trauma on their men folks!
Te book also explains that the average woman speaks twice as many words as a man, and has done so from the age of two! And this is due to the fact that women use the left side of the brain and men use the right side.
The right side is associated with feelings. It seems men are very intuitive, because men have more difficulty with feelings. They do one or two things to compensate for it,(a) they may feel sexual in all sorts of situation, that are not particularly sexual. And (b)they might just head for their T.V. addiction, instead of hanging out with those un comfortable feelings!

So there you have Ladies and Gentlemen. Now tell me do you think this is case? Or is it that men are just lazy, and they like to just ignore the mess around them, because they know that there is some one else to take care of it?
And ladies are you suffering from the trauma of being over trained by your mothers to do house work, or you think a clean and tidy environment is the one for family life?
Given a chance will you not do it?
I wonder what the conclusion will be?

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