Forever Young

I read about a new book called” age management” in the Sunday supplement. The book suggests that older women should change how they look, if they need to be taken seriously.

Is this true?

It is true that we the baby boomers have claimed staying young as our birthright. Just look at Twiggy, reincarnated as a glamour model, and very successful as one. About to be fifty Madonna in terrific shape. And just look at Helen Mirren and Goldie Hawn. In their sixties but a treat to look at.

Despite there being women prime ministers, astronauts, surgeons and scientists, they are still judged by their looks. Just look at the column inches dedicated to the French president’s wife. Reading about her in yesterdays Telegraph, I could almost hear the writer drooling! We all it seems are looking for perfection. And will go to any lengths to achieve it. The regime Madonna follows to keep her figure and looks, just reading about it made me shudder. Plastic surgery numbers are highest now in the UK, and we all will go to any lengths to look ten years younger. I pay over the odds for my hair to be cut and coloured, it is hard to accept and go naturally grey.

But is it vanity or something else? Is there truth in what the book says that if we look our age we can’t be taken seriously?

It is not that aging is optional, like death it is inevitable. How we age is determined with our genetic make up and the life style. We are bombarded with television programmes and books on how to delay aging, or if possible completely avoid it.

I know someone whose mother refuses to acknowledge her grand children. They are not allowed to call her grandma, but auntie! The fact that she is married for the fifth time to someone who is thirty five years her junior, perhaps is not much help.

So in this day and age do we, the real people think that it is necessary to look younger, in order to get ahead in life?

Do we as women feel that we will not be valued if we didn’t look the part, or is it that we just try to look good because it makes us feel better?

And what about men? Is it important that a woman should look young and beautiful to be admired or are there other qualities which make her special?

So is the age myth created by the media? Or should we all strive to keep our youth and never grow old? Or are there other things which make us desirable and successful?

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