Your Dream

Kofi Annan recently said that you have got to have a dream or you are going “nowhere”.

It made me wonder,exactly how does this apply to all of us? We all have an ambition.When we are in education we want to do well. When it comes to employment then we want to get to the top. And then we have other aims and goals. But do we all have a life consuming dream? Something which we go all out to get?

Am sure people like Kofi Annan are focused enough to get to their dream. High achievers have to be focused on their dreams to get to the top.

Am sure us the ordinary folks have dreams too. I know I did. Not that it made me some one special, but it caused me lot of heart ache. I was in a  hospital with chicken pox when I was about fourteen. It was a mission hospital, run by Nuns. It was a beautifully run clean and wonderfull place.I realised that the nurses there played a very important part in the patients recovery. I was so impressed that I decided then that I wanted to do nursing. I was determined to follow my dream.

But in the 1960s India, respectable middle class girls didnt do nursing. It was not a desireable profession. When I told my father, he was furious. We had arguments for days. But he was not going to budge, and I was equally determined. He told me that ifI went ahead, he will not allow me back in the house. I had, menawhile seen an advert for a training post for a health visitor. I applied, and was invited for an interview.

I was accepted, but came back from the interview to find all my possessions by the front door. My father was true to his word. I was not quite seventeen. There was a period of hardship. I stayed with an aunt, who also was a black sheep of the family. She was the first one to have been divorced. Ad then I moved into the hostel, and completed my training. My parents did not see for ten years.

I could say it was my dream and I strived to achieve it. Though I never got to the top of my profession, I took long breaks to raise my children, and was left way behined the careers ladder.Though considering that my children are such high achievers,I have no regrets.

But am sure in this community of MT there are people who have had a dream and pursued it, or have one and are still trying to achieve it.

So please tell me, have you achieved your dream? If not then tell us about your dream. What would you have liked to or would like to do against all odds?

And if you are an achiever,tell us what are the necessory requirements for success?


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