Being a Mistress

No am not one!

But listening to some women who have been mistresses, it sounds really exciting. It seems they get best of everything. Men are at their best behaviour, they wine and dine them, and turn up looking smart and smelling good. It is the wife who has to put up with the smelly socks, the ill fitting clothes and socks scattered everywhere.
And according to research the sex is fantastic too!

So what makes a man have a mistress, and why do women want to be one? Some women it is said find marriage stultifying , and it is a way of bringing a bit of something into their drab life. And then sometime it is a real spark. When two people meet and find that they are made for each other, it is too bad that they have married someone else earlier.

The poor countries of the world said to have the highest number of extra marital relationships. Countries like Cameron, the Ivory Coast and the continent of Africa are known to have a large number of such relationships. The society there provides excuses. Wives turn a blind eye, as they are brought up to believe that man is polygamous by nature. Some religions allow polygamy. The history is full of kings who have had many wives and mistresses.

Why is it that in the west the mistress is so much looked down on? They are considered a social outcast. Newspapers when reporting of such a case, refer to them in derogatory terms.
I once had a terrible crush on someone. He was a famous writer and a radio and television journalist. He oozed charm, we met at his book signing at a literature festival, and found that we could talk for hours. I had read his autobiography and felt that I knew him. Though he never encouraged me and remained the gentleman that he is , I would have happily walked to the other corner of the world, had he asked me! And it was not I was looking for adventure, but I found him to be so wonderful.
So I understand how some women can get involved.

So tell me , have any of you ever felt a pull? It is not always sexual, but sometimes a meeting of minds can be so attractive.
Why is polygamy so derided in the West? And why are mistresses considered evil? They are human after all. Or do we feel that it takes a certain type of woman to become one? And have you never ever been attracted to someone or thought, even for a moment ,that what if?
Do tell.

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