The nicest…

thing some one has done for you?

I feel that we tend to look at the negative aspects of  life and the world . And of  course there is a lot around to be pessimestic about. At the moment the suicide bombing plot makes me depressed. Then there were the two young Marines from my towntown, whose bodies were repatriated today. There are abductions, child molesting, vandalism and break ins. The  twenty four hour media is poised and looking for anything and everything . Each one of them wants to be the first to bring us the most shocking of news. The sensational it is, the more viewers can be attracted.

But does this mean there is nothing good left in the world, or in our country? Surely not. There are still loads of people who are doing wonderful work for others. Young men and women are going to war torn areas, for nothing else but to make a difference to otherslives. Selfless people are donating blood and organs to others. And there is such a tradition in this country of charity work. Selfless people give their time and effort and expect nothing in return.

So let us celebrate what is good among us.And there is plenty of it around. Am sure all of us can think of at least one incident.

I can remember a few months ago when I was returning from Cambridge, and the train stopped halfway to Kings Cross. The track ahead was being repaired, we were to find a bus to get,where ever it was that we wanted to go. The station had no one to guide us. The bus drivers didnt  speak English. I was panicking.

Am not very familliar with London.And  then this man,came over to me. Reassured me , and told me where to get down, he got down with me and showed me the tube which will take me to Paddington. Helped me carry my case, and then disappeared.Who says the world is not a nice place.

So am sure we all can think of at least one nice thing someone has done to us, now or in the past. I look forward to hearing about it.

The world still a wonderfull one.

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