Time for a Change?

I admit to not knowing much about the benefit system in this country.

I was really amazed when yesterday the local television reported of a case, wher  the couple have been claiming benefits for sixteen, non-exsistent children! And it seems they all were born during a period of six years!

And to top it all, the couple were in their fifties. They have been claiming these monies for a period of seven years or so. And as the man was addicted to gambling, he was losing hundreds of pounds on his addiction weekly. They had NO children.

Is it not true that one has to produce some proof of  having a child before the state can support it?  The Ponits West team tried to question the people from the HM taxes office. A lady with slick presentational skills gave a not very plausible explanation.

The case came to light because the couple themselves got tired of this fraud, and went to a newspaper.The man was rightly saying that the benefits system was run by people who didnt care and did not do their job properly.

Am surprised that this case has not got much publicity,is it because the HM tax and revenue doesnt want it to come to light?  If nothing, it shows gross incompetence .

Jeff Randall has written a gloomy article on a similar issue.The benefit culture which supports numerous children from as many fathers.The Matthews family is a case in point. The children growing up in such environment have parents as their role model who have never done a days nonest work.

Cassandra Jardine has interviewed the mother of Scarlet Keeling. A beautiful young woman. You cant help feeling sorry for a young life wasted. It seems to be the same story. Numerous children brought up on benefits. No fathers around and the mothers probably too ready find a man whereever they can.

So what is the need for benefits and what good are they doing to our society? It is easy for someone like me , who has a comfortable life to ask this question. Am sure there are families who depend on  them . Whatever the reason the system was started,but has it run its course?

If people were made to fend for themselves, will there be fewer fatherless children? Will the next generation  grow up to be hard working if their parent went to work to earn than depend on hand outs?

Reading and listening to the news the benefit culture sounds counter productive. how can, and should we change it?

And if so HOW?

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