Being Famous

An Australian magazine is runing a unique competetion.

The winner can win a divorce!

All expenses paid, and a cleaner thrown in for good measure once the spouse has departes. The magazine is called “Zoo Weekly”, it is a mens magazine. Last year it ran a competition, where a man could win breast enhancement for his girlfriend/wife.

You might say it is all light hearted fun. It is not so light hearted though,the price of divorce being what it is these days,the magazine is putting up quite a lot of money. But what really niggles me is the way marriage has become a commodity. It is a sacred union in any religion and culture. When it breaks up,there are two people involved in it, who have emtions and feelings. And often there are children involved.

Before any marriage, there are great expectations and preperations. All sorts of human emotions are involved. Anyone who has been through it or who is organising a wedding of anyone in their family, knows too well. But when it fails, it is natural that people want to go their seperate ways. Understandable I would say. But can it become such a joke that you can enter a competetion, to get rid of your other half?

I cant imagine peoples feelings can be so trivial? However much you disagree with your spouse will you enter a newspaper competetion to get rid of her? 

I know that the Heather Mills divorce became a fiasco. Then they both are from a world of fame and tinsle, where there liives are on show all the time anyway. They need the publicity,if they are not known they will not sell their ware. So they can afford to do away with dignity and decency.

But what about us ordinary folks? We are not out to wash,as they say our dirty linen in public. To me it seems that the sole purpose of the newspaper holding this contest, is to have all the juicy details,and make money by publicising them. It will have people commenting on it, laughing at it, and buying the copies for the fun of it.

Do you think this is the way forward? Should we sacrifice our privacy and our decency for the prize? Do you think anyone can dislike their spouse so much that hey can put her through this?

What do you think?

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